Japan city puts up signs showing tsunami escape routes

KAMAISHI, Iwate - The Kamaishi municipal government in Iwate Prefecture has started setting up signs showing the way to primary tsunami shelters along roads and at other locations in the city's coastal area.

Many of the city's residents were killed by the March 11 tsunami after evacuating to a disaster-prevention center in the Unosumai district that was not a primary tsunami shelter.

The signs are 1.6 meters tall and 60 centimeters wide.

They show a large red arrow pointing toward a primary shelter, with the words "tsunami shelter" written above.

The city government started putting up the signs Thursday, with 10 placed in different locations on the day.

According to a municipal government official, a total of 45 signs will be put up at various locations around the city this month.

After a strong quake hit the region Wednesday, a tsunami warning was issued for the coast of Iwate Prefecture, and the city government advised residents to evacuate to primary shelters.

However, some of the shelters were moved to different locations after the tsunami. "We'll set up all the signs as soon as possible," the official said.

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