Building a core team of staff

WHEN rivals started to make life hard for wellness company I-Healthy Investment, it was clear that a Plan B was needed.

The company, which started 12 years ago to sell medical devices and health products, also markets the therapeutic Happy Life electrostatic device from Japan.

When competition began to erode sales in 2010, the company had to figure out its next step of business development and create strategies to stay afloat.

The result: Ming Fa Cheng Beauty and Hair Salon in Toa Payoh, which has been offering beauty, wellness and hair services since 2011.

"This outlet will be one of the key drivers for the company," said manager Tony Tan. "The existing four salon staff will form the backbone and core team for our future salon expansion."

In order to motivate and retain this group of key talent, I-Healthy embarked on two Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) scheme modules to review and improve its human resource (HR) structures.

Mr Tan engaged Hu-Tech Consulting to first work on an ICV project focusing on recruitment and selection.

The initiative started last June and was completed in under three weeks. A compensation and benefits project that started last July was completed within a month.

Before these projects were started, the consultant assessed I-Healthy's strengths and weaknesses in its handling of staff, and found that the company did not have a formal HR policy.

This led to I-Healthy developing job descriptions for the key positions of senior hairstylist and beauty and wellness consultant with clearly defined core responsibilities, key performance measures and indicators clearly defined.

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