Tue, Oct 28, 2008
Family did not know she was a prostitute

Coco was a popular prostitute in Little India but her family was in the dark about her occupation for more than 30 years.

One of her regular clients told Shin Min Daily that she used to service clients in Chinatown where she was so popular that she could earn about $4,000 a month. The 1.7m tall Coco had long hair and fair skin, and was a favourite among regulars who would often ask for her by name.

Her income fell to about $3,000 after she moved to Little India. But this is her gross income - after deducting rent and other expenses, her net income each month is only $1,000 plus.

Her clients say that other than on sick days and during her period, she opens for business punctually everyday from noon till 9pm. She charged $30, and would have an average of 8 to 10 customers a night.

A violent and sudden end

On Oct 25, about 7.15pm, she was stabbed, stumbled onto the street with a knife in her chest and died around Flanders Square in Little India under mysterious circumstances.

There was a scream, and eyewitnesses said they saw her staggering out of one of the shophouses in Flanders Square, bleeding.

One eyewitness, who was in the room next to Coco's, told Lianhe Wanbao: 'I saw Coco struggling to run out. She was covered in blood.

'The scariest thing was that there was a knife sticking out of her chest.'

He described how Coco, who was dressed in a yellow mini-skirt, had taken a few steps before collapsing.

Said the eyewitnesses: 'When I saw her, she took two steps towards me, then pulled the knife out, before collapsing and dying.'

There appeared to have been a struggle, and her teeth had been knocked out.

Coco died before the ambulance could arrive.


Flanders square where Coco was killed. -Red Nano Maps

Relative came in silver merc

Yesterday, a relative believed to be her brother arrived at the scene of the murder to confirm her identity - the family had found out about the murder from reports in Malaysian papers, and recognised her car. Shin Min reports that he also came to collect Coco's body from the morgue, but when approached denied that he was her brother and claimed to be a distant relative.

Mr Huang arrived in a silver mercedes, and is a businessman in Johore Bahru. He did not wish to be interviewed as he did not want to be identified as her relative.

Suspect identified

Two of her colleagues told Shin Min that they believe she was killed by a client.

As she was fully clothed when killed and they did not hear any sounds of struggle before the murder, they think that he had attacked her without warning. His motives are as yet unclear, but some claim that her gold necklace was taken by the killer.

Eye witnesses say that the killer seemed about 30 years old, was slightly plump, and dark skinned. More than 200 prostitutes who ply their trade in the area were summoned for questioning by the police yesterday afternoon.

Police spokesperson said that they believe the suspect is Indian, and about 1.6 to 1.7m tall. Anyone with information may call the police hotline at 1800 - 2550000.

Check out photos of the murder scene here.


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