Fri, Jan 08, 2010
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SingPost vandal stunt a blunder

I WRITE with reference to SingPost's failed publicity stunt over the weekend.

Advertisements have come a long way, and it is understandable when companies use unorthodox methods to promote their brand or cause.

However, the acts of pseudo-vandalism in the stunt, which were in support of the world's first Youth Olympic Games (YOG), were just over the top.

Should SingPost have wanted to have its post boxes decorated in a bid to publicise the YOG, it should have held a competition to get youths involved.

That would certainly have promoted the values of the YOG, such as friendship, excellence and respect.

Furthermore, members of the public would not have had to worry about a "vandal" defacing post boxes, and the police would not have been involved.

Singapore is the host of the inaugural YOG. As the event draws nearer, the world's eyes are on this special red dot.

We cannot afford to make mistakes and companies should not attempt any publicity stunts which may misguide teenagers.

This has been a very unfortunate blunder, which I hope other organisations will not repeat.


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