Wed, Jan 27, 2010
Magicians' 4D prediction comes true

LOCAL celebrity illusionists, Ning Cai and J C Sum, have succeeded in their "psychological illusion stunt" of predicting a winning 4D number in Wednesday's draw.

At an event at St James Power Station tonight, the two magicians opened a chest that was locked and suspended mid-air, revealing the number combination - 5853.

A check at the Singapore Pools website matched their combination to the first prize for Draw No. 2965, Wednesday's draw.

The winning number was first predicted and sealed in a red envelope on Friday.

It was then placed in a see-through and tamper-proof acrylic chest which was suspended 3 metres above ground in front of The Boiler Room.

Additional closed-circuit cameras and security personnel were deployed over the past few days to ensure that the chest was not tampered with.

During the sealing off of the numbers, Ning said that they planned to gamble with at least $100 for this draw. Since their prediction was correct, they could have won a maximum amount of $250,000.

However, after revealing tonight's number, the two illusionists disclosed that they had not placed any bets on 5853 as the winning number.

Instead, they had bought the numbers 0000.

Ning revealed at the show that this was in a bid to discourage gambling.

She also mentioned that both she and J C Sum will be donating $10,000 to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

The chairperson, Mr Ravi Sivalingam, was present to receive the donation.

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