Sun, Jul 18, 2010
Photographer handcuffed while taking flood photos

LIANHE Wanbao reported that an experienced photographer from their paper was handcuffed by a policeman while he was attempting to take photos of the flood.

An experienced photojournalist and supervisor at the photo desk, Mr Shafie Goh, 57, said that he was detained at Upper Bukit Timah Road for about an hour.

Photographer handcuffed while taking flood photos
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Due to morning floods yesterday, a car was washed up onto the divider at Bukit Timah Road. Mr Goh rushed to the scene at about 7am in the morning to get a photo.

While going up close to the cars to get a better angle for his photo, he was stopped by a policeman who asked him to leave.

Mr Goh said he asked the policeman if he could take another photo politely, but the policeman simply took out his handcuffs and cuffed Mr Goh without another word.

Mr Goh said he was not a criminal and demanded to know why he was being cuffed. He then tried to take a photo of the cuffs with his handphone.

The police officer removed his cuffs at this point, but brought him to the side of the road and refused to let him leave for an hour.

Indignant, and feeling insulted, Mr Goh said that the imprint from the handcuffs faded only after five hours.

A report in The Straits Times said that Mr Goh was not wearing any media identification and police did not know that he was from the Chinese press.

The police reply

In response to this incident, police say that they were in the midst of clearing the road to restore accessibility and Mr Goh was obstructing their work.

According to the police statement, Mr Goh was trying to take photos in the middle of the road, which was dangerous, and he continued to take photos even after repeated warnings.

For the safety of Mr Goh and others, they had to handcuff him and move him to a safe area.

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