Ex-boyfriend called her a 'loose woman'

By Elysa Chen

IN WHAT could be the first case of cyber-bullying death in Singapore, a Myanmar girl killed herself after her jilted boyfriend allegedly slimed her on Facebook.

The couple continued keeping in touch online after she left home in 2007 to study in Singapore.

But some time last year, 16-year-old Khine Thinzar decided to end the relationship.

He came to Singapore to try to salvage the relationship but Khine refused to see him and got her aunt to meet him instead.

After he returned to Myanmar, he started posting "bad comments" on her Facebook page, accusing her of being a "loose woman".

She confided in her aunt about the accusations and how they had affected her.

On Dec 30 last year, Khine decided to end her life.

The Secondary 3 student at Pioneer Secondary School jumped off her Pasir Ris block. She was taken to Changi General Hospital but died seven hours later.

Last Friday, at an inquiry into Khine's death, State Coroner Victor Yeo found that she had died from the effects of multiple injuries after falling from an unknown height with the intention of taking her own life.

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