Maid in water tank case: MP drinks tap water to prove safety

SINGAPORE - Sembawang GRC MP Vikram Nair has said that tap water from Block 686B Woodlands Drive 73 is drinkable.

And he showed just that by drinking water straight from the tap when on a house visit to residents.

An Indonesian maid's body had been found in one of the block's rooftop water tanks on Monday. Since then, residents have been raising concerns on whether the water is drinkable.

A 27-year-old Bangladeshi man was charged for murder on Wednesday.

In a video uploaded on YouTube, Mr Vikram Nair filled a glass with tap water before consuming it in front of the household's residents.

A male voice gave a running commentary as Mr Nair drank the water.

"Today is 18 May 2011. We are at 686B, this is the ninth floor. And my MP Vikram Nair is now drinking the water from the water mains pipe.

"This is to show that the water is fully tested and is safe to drink. If the MP can drink it, you all should trust that it's safe," the voice said.

Mr Vikram Nair was seen chatting amiably and smiling after he drank the water.

Local news sources said that town council coordinating chairman Dr Teo Ho Pin had increased security measures for rooftop access.

He said that only authorised town council staff and its Essential Maintenance Unit are allowed to have access to the water tank.

Another statement by Sembawang Town Council general manager Soon Min Sin said that there was no foolproof method to prevent water tanks from being sabotaged.

"The rule is that the key can be given to only the supervisors (of the sub-contractors) carrying out their work. But for rescue service, of course, the key has to be given to the rescue operator, who may not be a supervisor," he said.

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