Tin Pei Ling resigns from Ernst & Young

By Karen W Lim

SINGAPORE - Newly elected Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC, Ms Tin Pei Ling, has officially resigned from her position as a business consultant at Ernst and Young.

In her Facebook page, the 27-year-old announced on Wednesday that May 31 marked her last day at the company.

Ms Tin stated that she decided to resign to focus on her responsiblilites in MacPherson and Marine Parade GRC.

"I have now been on the ground in MacPherson for over two months. MacPherson has a large number of elderly and poorer households. I feel strongly for them. They require and deserve more help and attention, and there is still much that can be done for them.

"I have decided to spend more time on the ground, to better serve the needs of residents, and to implement my plans for MacPherson," wrote Ms Tin on her Facebook fanpage.

She also said that she will consider her long-term career plans in future but fulfilling her duties to the residents of MacPherson will remain her first priority.

Ms Tin is the youngest candidate from the People's Action Party. Her Marine Parade GRC team won with 56.65 per  cent of the votes against the National Solidarity Party during the General Election.

However, Ms Tin has been at the receiving end of netizens' criticisms since she was first introduced to the media.

Harsh comments were directed at her for her age and photos from her Facebook account also emerged, showing her posing with a Kate Spade bag and on holiday with her husband, who is the principal private secretary to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

When asked about how she has been coping with the wave of negative comments, Ms Tin said that "it has been an uphill task, a challenging time" and hopes to show the real her over the next five years and convince people that she can be a good MP.