Maid poses in employer's clothes and posts photos online

SINGAPORE - A Filipino maid wore her employer's clothes and took pictures of herself, which she posted on her Facebook account.

The photos show her posing in her employer's room and on the bed.

When the maid was pregnant, her employer, Sally, sent her back to the Philippines. The maid, however, wanted to return to Singapore to work after giving birth.

That was when Sally decided to check on her maid and found the photos online. 

In an email to citizen journalism website STOMP, Sally said the maid had wanted to come back and work for them after the birth of her child.

"By God's will, I chanced upon these photos, taken in my house, my room and on my bed, of her wearing my clothes as well as our belongings.

"She wanted to come back to work for us after giving birth, but I told her I needed to do some checks first, and when I went to her Facebook account, I saw all these photos of her in my clothes!

"I hope to share with employers of maids here. We never know what they are doing in our house when we are out slogging for a living."

In October last year, The New Paper reported that a maid working in Singapore had posted sexy pictures of herself on Facebook.

The Myanmar maid had used a handphone belonging to her employer's 10-year-old son to snap the revealing pictures.

She usually wore only in a bra and jeans in the photos but had once worn her employer's brand new bikini.

The maid was immediately sent back to Myanmar after her employers found the photos.