More Singaporeans rear exotic stingrays as hobby

SINGAPORE - Stingrays are increasingly populating the marine tanks of fish hobbyists in Singapore.

Retailers estimating that the community of stingray enthusiasts numbering in the hundreds, and they are mostly male executives with big spending power.

The Straits Times reported that these hobbyists easily spend thousands of dollars on their stingrays. A pair of Black Diamond baby stingrays can cost $7,000. One hobbyist, Mr Daniel Fong, has even converted his swimming pool in his Kembangan home to house his stingrays. It cost him about $65,000.

But hobbyists have been bringing down the prices of these fish, as they sell the offspring from their breeding pairs for a cheaper price.

Mr Ric Neo, owner of Neo Kim Suey Aquarium in Hougang Street 21, told The Straits Times that a pair of Black Diamonds that used to be sold for $30,000 five years ago, now sell for only $10,000 to $15,000.