Heart Centre investigates staff who insulted Singaporeans

The National Heart Centre said on its Facebook page on Aug 11 that it will conduct an official enquiry into the 'insensitive" comments made by Rachelle Ann Beguia on MP Penny Low's Facebook page.

Ms Beguia, a foreigner, described Singaporeans as "moronic" whose "loyalty" and "patriotism" will be dropped "at the first sign of trouble."

She added that Singaporean NSmen will "declare they are ready to pack up and run" when asked to fight a war.

She posted these comments in Ms Low's defence when the latter apologised for using her iPhone when the national anthem was being sung during the National Day Parade.

She had tried to urge Ms Low to ignore the angry comments made by some Singaporeans on the Facebook page by implying that the Singaporeans were too ignorant to comment on the situation.

Ms Beguia apologised for her comments on Ms Low's Facebook page at about 1pm on Aug 11.

"I am very sorry for the insensitive comments I have posted earlier. It was a lack of judgement. For those who have been hurt by those comments. I am very sorry once again."

Two hours later, The National Heart Centre said on their Facebook page:

"We sincerely regret the insensitive comments made by Ms Rachelle Ann Beguia.

"Although she posted those comments in her own capacity, National Heart Centre Singapore does not condone to such behaviour.

"We have always advocated to our staff that they should be respectful at all times, courteous and constructive when engaging in media platforms.

"An official enquiry will be conducted and appropriate actions will be taken accordingly."

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