Naked man spooks Sengkang

By Najib Siddik

A NAKED man is giving some Sengkang residents the creeps.

He was spotted loitering at an HDB lift lobby on Thursday night.

A visitor to Sengkang called Jack said he came across the man in his birthday suit at Block 122, Sengkang East Way when he was on his way to his friend's place at about 11pm.

The picture of the man on the right was published on citizen journalism website Stomp today. He said: "When the naked man saw me, he started walking down the staircase quickly and disappeared."

He added: "So daring, walking at the lift lobby totally naked. Not sure if there was something wrong with him or if he was an exhibitionist."

Ms Chen Sini, 20, a resident of Block 122, , claimed a nude man banged loudly on her door one evening in May as she was closing it.

The Singaporean permanent resident from China recalled: "I came home alone from Orchard Road at about 7pm.

"I locked the gate, and when I turned to shut the door, I saw a naked man banging my door with great force. But I could not see his face. He ran away immediately."

Ms Chen, a product design student, said she no longer dares to take the lift alone.

Most of the time, she is accompanied by either her mother or younger brother.

Other residents at Block 122 said they too, have heard of a man in the buff loitering near their block.


While none has seen him, they are concerned.

Madam Irene Ong, 42, a human resource administrator, stressed: "It's very wrong, obscene and not a very pleasant sight."

The mother of two school-going children said that the thought of children encountering a naked man along the corridors, void decks or playgrounds, is unthinkable.

She said: "I can't imagine how children will be affected and mentally scarred by the sight." Another resident, retiree Sang Kiang Yong, 76, claimed he heard a woman scream in shock once. He said the woman had seen a naked man, but did not give chase.

Said the grandfather of four: "It's dangerous, and it's important that we accompany our children everywhere."

Anyone found guilty of appearing nude in public, or in a private location, but visible to those outside, face a fine of up to $2,000 and up to three months in jail.

This article was first published in The New Paper.