Deutsche Bahn gets green light for Eurotunnel use: company
Wed, Dec 16, 2009

FRANKFURT - The German railway Deutsche Bahn can run its high-speed trains through the Channel Tunnel, the head of the Eurotunnel group said in a press report on Wednesday, increasing the chances of more competition in European rail service.

"Deutsche Bahn fulfills all the conditions for transporting passengers via the tunnel," Jacques Gounon told the Financial Times Deutschland, adding that the German railway was welcome.

It had been blocked by a directive on fire protection that has now been lifted, a Eurotunnel spokeswoman told the German newspaper.

The French national railway SNCF was the only one authorised until now to carry passengers through the 38-kilometre (24-mile) tunnel, the newspaper said.

Eurostar, which currently offers service between Brussels, London and Paris via the tunnel is operated by the SNCF, the Belgian railway SNCB and Eurostar Ltd, a subsidiary of London and Continental Railways.







  Deutsche Bahn gets green light for Eurotunnel use: company
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