Man injured in new shark attack in Russia: Official

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia - A shark Saturday injured a man swimming off the Pacific coast of Russia’s Far East, the third such incident in a month in a region where such attacks were unknown until now, officials said.

“A local man, 26, was lightly injured in the hand and the body. He was taken to hospital,” a spokesman for the local branch of the emergencies ministry told AFP.

The incident took place off the village of Slavyanka in the Khasan region in the south of the Primorye region of the Russian Far East.

Two people had already been badly injured in shark attacks in the Russian Far East on August 17 and 18. The authorities banned swimming in the area but then lifted the rule after the danger apparently passed.

It is not clear if the same shark was behind more than one or even all three attacks. Officials have told AFP that shark attacks had previously not been recorded in the Russian Far East.

Experts have said an apparent increase in shark attacks worldwide may well have a human cause, with low-cost air travel but also over-fishing and possibly global warming among the possible suspects.