Wed, Mar 05, 2008
NUS sex survey: 64 per cent of undergraduates have sex more than once a week

A report by Shin Min Daily News revealed that 64 per cent of National University of Singapore (NUS) students have sex at least once a week, according to a survey. Hostels and toilets were the preferred places to do the deed.

The survey, published in February's issue of 'The Ridge' (an NUS Students' Union publication), caused many to be astonished over the degree of liberalisation that Singapore students have towards sex.

As high as 63 per cent of students surveyed picked hostels as the number one choice to do the deed. They would typically have sex more than once a week.

Although NUS hostels do have a rule stating that doors must be kept open when a male and female student are in a room together, there are no rules that forbid sexual intercourse in a room. As such, many "free shows" are made available to undergraduates.

The common toilet ranked second, after the hostel, as a location of choice for having sex.

Outside of campus, places like homes, hotel rooms and cars were popular choices for having sexual intercourse.

Most survey respondents were from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

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