Wed, Jan 21, 2009
"We are innocent!"

The two junior college student councillors who were photographed making out on a bus have been stripped of their leadership positions

The female student was also made to write a statement of repentance.

The photo, which was featured on STOMP on last week, was sent in by a netizen who said that the two students from Tampines Junior College (TPJC) were "heavy petting at the back of bus number 12".

However, according to Shin Min Daily News, the 18-year-olds were not in a romantic relationship. Instead, they are reportedly god-siblings - godchildren of each other's parents.

Because of this incident, their student councillor titles were stripped from them. The female student was detained in school and instructed to write a statement of repentance for her "wrongdoings".

The male student not only had his title stripped, but has also been suspended from school for sneaking out at 2 am during a school camp over the weekend to purchase a copy of Shin Min Daily so that he could read about the report.

The father of the female student, Mr Zheng, informed the Chinese evening daily that his daughter was not allowed to attend any classes from 9am and was detained in a small room for approximately three hours.

"She contacted me in the morning to tell me that she was told to write a statement to apologise for what she had done on the bus.

"She refused to write the statement because she believed that she did not do anything wrong," said the 60-year-old hawker stall owner.

Mr Zheng also told Shin Min that his daughter told him that she was not allowed to leave the school or return to class if she did not write the statement.

He was outraged by the school's actions and made a police report. He then went straight to the school and demanded that his daughter be allowed to go home.

"The teacher insisted my daughter rest at home for two days," said Mr Zheng.

However, the vice-principal of TPJC presented a different side to the story.

He said that they had allowed her to go home at around 1pm but she said that she was not able to leave as she did not have the keys to her house.

The vice-principal also said that the decision to fire them from their positions as student councillors was based on the fact that they did not maintain good conduct.

Ambulance arrives at school

Reporters from the Chinese daily found out that an ambulance was sent to the school at around 6.24pm on Monday.

The mother of the female student, Mdm Zheng, 40, said her daughter was feeling faint and that she suffers from low-blood pressure.

"She complained that she was not feeling well and I was very worried, hence I dialled for an ambulance."

The student was not sent to the hospital as she was suffering from a nervous breakdown, which was not severe enough to warrant hospitalisation.

"We were not doing anything!"

The male student claimed that they were both innocent and had not done anything wrong.

"We were not doing anything. She was merely crying because she was upset and I was consoling her." he said.

He continued to explain that his godsister was unhappy as she had been appointed to a different class and that she did not bear to leave her friends.

He pointed out that it was her mother (who is also his godmother) who wanted him to send her home and that the only form of intimacy was merely a consolation hug.

The parents of the male student have filed a police report, claiming that their son's life has been disrupted due to this incident.

(Photos from Shin Min Daily News).


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