Thu, Jan 22, 2009
The Straits Times
2nd RI boy dies in a week

A SECOND student from Raffles Institution has died within the week, The New Paper reported on Wednesday.

Cao Yuanchi, 14, died of a brain haemorrhage caused by acute myeloid leukaemia - or cancer of the blood - on Sunday. Last week, Tee Yan Chyuan, 12, a Secondary 1 student at RI died suddenly after a game of badminton with his sister.

Like Yan Chyuan, Yuanchi had always been healthy and had never shown any signs of illness, said his father, Mr Cao Sheng Fa.


On Jan 9, Yuanchi returned from his five-day Outward Bound School course complaining of fatigue.

He also sported a few bruises, which he dismissed as slight injuries from the course.

Then, on Tuesday evening, Jan 13, Yuanchi came down with a fever and had a green skin discolouration in his right eye, ankles, knees and buttocks.


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  2nd RI boy dies in a week