Mon, Mar 02, 2009
Learn more about studying in Australia


Are you or your child interested in studying at an Australian institution? Visit Studies in Australia and open the door to a world class education. Studies in Australia has information on secondary schooling, undergraduate degrees and a range of postgraduate options — from graduate certificates all the way through to MBAs. You can also find a guide specifically for Singaporean students interested in studying in Australia, with information on different study levels, visas, course selection and much more.

Australia is the preferred study destination for over 455,000 international students from 190 countries around the world. Studying in a different country, or sending your child to study overseas can be challenging, so Studies in Australia has all the information you need to make an informed decision about the education options for you and your child, from senior secondary school to higher education and beyond.

The Studies in Australia website allows you to search for courses across Australia by location, type of institution or course name. Make an inquiry about studying at a particular institution, or inquire about the range of institutions throughout different states.

Studies in Australia provides accurate and easy-to-use information to help students make the big decisions concerning studying in Australia. The website provides detailed information on:

Visit www.studiesinaustralia.com and make an informed choice about what to study in Australia.


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