Thu, Mar 05, 2009
NTU stabber's grades not good enough
>NTU's statement:

David Widjaja's academic performance was below the requirements of the Asean Undergraduate Scholarship award. He was given 3 letters by the University (Aug 10 2007, Jan 22 2008 and Aug 18 2008) advising him to improve on his academic performance and urging him to do his best in the coming examinations. The letters also advised him to seek help and to inform the university if there are any extenuating circumstances that affected his performance. Special considerations are given for valid reasons such as medical condition, depression and family problems.

Copies of these letters were also mailed to his parents. As his performance did not improve, the scholarship was eventually terminated in Feb 2009. However there was no need for any refunds. There is no bond attached to the scholarship apart from the 3-year bond applicable to all international students under the tuition grant scheme. Upon termination of the scholarship, the tuition fee that he would need to pay is about $3,360. The letter informing him that the scholarship has been withdrawn also states that financial aid is available should he need it. We understand from the family that this is not a problem.

Under the terms of the Asean Undergraduate Scholarship, renewal of the scholarship is based on Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). The CGPA requirement is 3.5 on a scale of 5, which is comparable to other institutions.

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