Fri, Nov 06, 2009
The Straits Times
The university

INTAKE: The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SU) will open in 2011 with an intake of 500 undergraduates and some postgraduate students. The yearly intake will be steadily increased to 1,000 undergraduates and up to 500 postgraduates.

COURSES: It will offer four degree programmes:

  • Architecture and sustainable design: Students will study architecture, with a focus on environmentally conscious design, to capitalise on the growing green building movement worldwide.
  • Engineering and product design: Designing, developing and bringing to the market electrical and mechanical products, such as planes and cars.
  • Engineering systems and system design: Students will analyse, manage, design and improve complex technical systems, like urban transportation, manufacturing and energy systems.
  • Information engineering and design: Designing, developing and manufacturing information devices, such as digital music players and cellphones.
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CAMPUS: The university's permanent campus is being built in Changi. It will function from a temporary campus before moving to its permanent home in 2015.

FACULTY: About 50 faculty members will be on board by the time it opens.

PARTNERS: MIT has been announced as a partner of SU. MIT professors will be in charge of developing the science and technology curriculum and use design to integrate the teaching of various disciplines. They will also teach and conduct research at SU.

SU's second partner will be a Chinese university to be announced soon.

Students will benefit from overseas stints at the partner universities.




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