Tue, Dec 29, 2009
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Underdressed and free-spirited students of Gen C


MALAYSIA - PLUNGING necklines, bare-backed tops, exposed belly buttons and multi-coloured hairdos seem to be the "in" thing with young adults these days -- not just in clubs but also in higher-learning institutions.

It is now impossible to tell apart students on their way to class and party-goers.

Attire forbidden by Universiti Malaya (Click on thumbnails to view. More photos here.)

This is apparent in many private colleges. Why is this happening and is it a matter of concern?

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A student services executive of a private college is convinced that students today are determined to be "free-spirited".

"They are more carefree in their attitudes, dressing, and language. It's a Gen C (Generation Content) world out there. It's all about having everything at their fingertips. No restrictions or boundaries, if possible.

"Dressing has become more edgy and even androgynous. Conversing with the Gen C is like having someone speaking to you in another language, as their slang and lingo are ever changing."

There is a glaring difference in the attitude and behaviour of students, she says, from both private and public institutions.

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