Sat, Jan 30, 2010
Sec 3 students forced to wear shorts to school

Thomas, a student from Saint Andrew's Secondary School, was appalled that his school forced secondary three students to wear shorts to school this year. But his post on Stomp has also attracted detractors.

Thomas said that they expected to switch from wearing shorts to long pants when they start secondary three, and so had already bought long pants from the school bookshop.

In an email to Stomp last week, he complained that the rule was unreasonable as many of them could not fit into their old shorts anymore:

"Since the Secondary 2 students in 2009 are seen to be naughty and not mature enough, they are being forced to wear shorts even when they are in Secondary 3 in 2010.

"What type of reasoning is this?

"I'm a student from St. Andrew's Secondary currently in Sec 3. I've already bought my pants from the book shop and now I'm told that I cannot wear long pants to school as a Sec 3 student like any other school in Singapore. I have to wear short pants.

"Many of my classmates are also furious because they can't fit into their school shorts anymore. Are they expecting us to buy a new pair of shorts again because we can't fit into the current ones anymore?

"Then when they changed back the rule, what do we do? Throw away the new pair of shorts? And not all of us can afford to do so too."

However, other Saint Andrew's students and alumni who read his post on Stomp retorted that the school had informed them of this rule before the school holidays.

A forummer, yoshilim wrote, "If I'm not wrong, the school informed you last year that the Sec 3s will be wearing shorts for a period of time in 2010. Maybe you were not paying attention and thought that the school suddenly implemented it?"

Others brought up the fact that at many boys' schools, the students wear shorts until they graduate.

Some, such as  renfred89, supported Thomas' post, "How could the school pass a sweeping statement like this, saying the students are immature and naughty?"

When approached by Lianhe Wanbao, Saint Andrew's explained that it was not a punishment, and they simply wanted to prevent the students from altering the school uniform.

The school wanted to ensure that the students did not taper their pants - something students from the previous year were fond of doing.

They also told Wanbao that wearing long pants to school was a privilege, and not a right for the students. Some ex-Saint Andrew's students also posted in Stomp's forum that only secondary four students wore long pants in the past. Secondary three students started wearing long pants in the 1990s.

The school spokesperson also said they have been happy with the students' behaviour in the recent school camp, and will allow them to wear long pants to school once they have checked that they have not altered them.

Students who have altered their pants will have to wear shorts until they buy new pants that adhere to school rules.

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