English teacher moonlights as porn web host
Thu, Feb 04, 2010
China Daily/Asia News Network

An English teacher and an IT manager have been jailed for operating a porn website in their spare time, Chinanews.com.cn reported Wednesday.

The teacher, surnamed Zhang aged 35, works at an international language school in east China's Zhejiang province.

In early 2009, Zhang, together with an IT firm manager, surnamed Zhu, set up the vulgar file-sharing website "Pervert BT", which contained 117 porn videos.

Zhu said he had no idea that their "undertaking" was criminal.

"There are so many porn websites online. They make money, so I just want to have a try," Zhu said in court in Wuxi city, where the network's file server is based.

Zhu was jailed ten months for distributing pornography and Zhang was handed five-month jail term. Both repented over their lack of knowledge on law.





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