Mon, Mar 01, 2010
Boy, 9, sued for hurting classmate

He is only nine, but he is being summoned to court for assaulting a classmate.

Peter (not his real name), 45, told Shin Min Daily News that his nine-year-old son received a court summons two weeks ago. He was shocked, and could not understand why his son had to appear in court.

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The summons stated that his son is to appear in the Subordinate Courts in March, accompanied by a parent. A classmate's mother has accused Peter's son of assaulting her son last year, resulting in a fracture in his right wrist and head injuries.

Their names have been withheld to protect the identity of the children.

Peter says that his son appears calm, but is terrified, "Maybe he watches a lot of drama serials on television, but he thinks that you will go to prison or a boys' home once you go to court."

He claimed that a teacher was present when the incident occurred.

"If it was so serious, surely the teacher would have intervened? I don't know what they want, but is it serious enough to sue? This has been very traumatising for my son."

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