Fri, Mar 12, 2010
Tips from the top

THERE are a variety of jobs in the hospitality sector here, and they go beyond the frontline service jobs. That was the message from Rendezvous Hospitality Group's CEO Iqbal Jumabhoy to students looking for jobs in Singapore.

Speaking at the East Asia Institute of Management's (EASB) Share and Learn CEO dialogue, Mr Jumabhoy pointed out that there are many opportunities in the hospitality industry which fall into the IT, finance, and marketing sectors. However, he stressed that it is vital for people who aspire to work in the hospitality industry to have a strong service mentality as the industry is fundamentally about good service.

EASB's dialogues at the Career and Training Fair 2010 also saw Corporate Turnaround Centre's CEO Michael Teng, PestBusters' chairman and CEO Thomas Fernandez, Donut Empire's executive director Steven Chiew and Home Nursing Foundation's general manager Loh Shu Ching take the mike.

Mr Jumabhoy, who wanted to take the opportunity to let students understand the hospitality industry better, says that it is crucial to have passion for your job... as this eventually shows in your performance.







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