Sun, Mar 14, 2010
The Korea Herald/Asia News Network
The Cambridge promiscuity league table

With work loads to tax brains the size of planets, Cambridge students surely have little time for anything but studying.

But a new survey suggests some are hopping into more beds each week than writing essays.

According to Daily Mail, a fifth of heterosexual undergraduates claim they have slept with three or more partners in one week, while nearly half boast of two sexual conquests in the same time.

A fifth said they had sex at least once a day and almost two-thirds have it every week.

Promiscuity was slightly higher among gay or bisexual men and women, with two-fifths going through three or more partners a week.

And more than a quarter of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual students confessed to having one night stands at least once a month.





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