Fri, May 14, 2010
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Teen's abuse of girl sparks online furore

THE video has raised the ire of scores of netizens. But was it for real?

Student attacks schoolmate in lift
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An enraged teen was filmed attacking a girl dressed in a Siglap Secondary School uniform.

The teen, in a white singlet, accused the girl of betraying him and telling a teacher about his misdeeds. He is shown pushing her head against a lift wall.

When the girl denied his accusations, he slapped her and shouted in Malay: "Don't deny it, I know everything. What do you take me for?"

The video, which lasts about 11/2 minutes, is laden with expletives.

Several of the slaps were particularly vicious, causing the girl to recoil from the impact.

Yet, through the attack, she seemed more concerned with adjusting her hair.

About halfway through the video, the lift door opened, and the teen turned around and pressed a button to close it.

When the girl tried to reach for the button to open the door again, he got angry and shouted at her, before pushing her head against the lift wall and raining a series of slaps on her.

Later, he grabbed her hair with both hands, shoving her head from left to right, causing her hair, which was tied up in a ponytail, to come loose.

He finally grabbed her hair again with one hand, and pulled her head back, before slapping her two more times and walking out of the lift in a huff, strutting past four other boys standing outside.

The camera followed and showed him walking towards the next block, before the video ends.

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