Tan Kin Lian: Jee Say has more emotional baggage than me

"I think Tan Jee Say's emotional baggage is quite recent as a member of a political party, in fact it's possibly still burning in him," Mr Tan Kin Lian refuted his rival's remark in a press conference on Friday.

Mr Tan Jee Say had said during his Presidential Broadcast that his three opponents had "emotional baggage" because of their past ties with the ruling People's Action Party.

He felt that these ties would hamper their independence, and that they would not be able to think differently from the ruling party in order to provide checks and balances in their role as President.

At Hub Synergy Point on Friday, the former NTUC income chief emphasised that his involvement with the PAP was in grassroots activities from 1976 to 1985.

He was uninvolved with party politics and had never contested in a General election.

He gave his take on his competitors: "We have got four candidates, one of them is closely connected with the govt. He was a minister for 20 years. If the voters want someone who is very much a part of the government, then this person is the most suitable.

"There is another candidate who is at the other extreme end - a member of the Opposition Party who stood in the recent elections. If the voters want the president to be quarrelling with the government most of the time, this would be the candidate.

"One of them is a very good doctor, but does not have good financial experience.

"I'm not part of the PAP government, I'm not associated with the opposition and I do have adequate financial knowledge."