Japan said Wednesday that decommissioning the reactors at Fukushima could take as long as 40 years. -AFP

A school teacher has been accused of instructing students to slap each other as punishment for their indiscipline. -China Daily/ANN
Kim Jong-Un has secured power in the ruling communist party and the military despite his youth. -AFP
The payment is over 3,000 yuan (S$611) with insurances and a housing allowance and additional bonuses will be given according to performance. -China Daily/ANN
A real estate developer is making a big push to lure buyers to a project romantically named Milano Palace. -China Daily/ANN
Yingluck Shinawatra offers Aung San Suu Kyi her support in a coming by-election. -AFP
They say that while grieving was coordinated, there were also individual outbursts. -Reuters
For the journalistic mishap, CTS News Department Manager has offered to resign. -China Daily/ANN
Many appeared to be from North Korea, and were wearing enamelled lapel pins bearing the likeness of Kim on their winter coats and dark suit jackets. -AFP
Many people think their suffering is inflicted by evil spirits , and that only Sufi saints can help. -Reuters