Dawn Yang
Tue, Feb 26, 2008
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A chat with a serial philanderer

I confess. I used to be one of his admirers many years ago. My friend even gave me an Edison toy, complete with his baggy hip hop gear and diamond ear stud, as a Christmas present one year. This was when I was a teen and I have long since grown out of that silly phase.

Still, I was, frankly, neither all that shocked nor surprised when the controversy first exploded. I already kind of knew the sort of past-time Eddie indulged in. I was introduced to him by mutual friends in 2004.

An excerpt from messenger conversations with Eddie:

*** says:
how bout u come to town on the 29th

*** says:
19th i mean

xxx says:
as in hk?

*** says:
yeah we maybe get a nice suite

*** says:
and get freeky all night and day

*** says:
heheh how bout it will u do it wid me babee

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Now, I read back these saved conversations in amusement. When the pictures first leaked, I seriously thanked God I was not foolish, naive or feeling frisky beyond control. Otherwise my photos may have just ended up being among the hot 1,300 ones out there. I mean, with cute, charming, sweet Eddie, it could be very hard to resist.

Anyway, Eddie basically can get any girl he wants, and he knows it. A young, hot-blooded man like him - much to the envy of guys everywhere - thus has lots and lots of sex, with tons and tons of different women. It's simply because he can and he likes to. Does anyone dare argue that he's abnormal or the only man around like that? Why make him out to be such a jerk?

I think he's really lucky that all the women he beds do it because they like him, not because he's some filthy rich old man who buys expensive gifts and gets them movie roles or record deals.

So, Eddie has an exhibitionistic streak and likes to film his bedroom antics and keep sexy photos of his many conquests. To me, that's fine - he's not the first, really. Many people have such a fetish, yes? But, he should at least have the brains and common sense to keep these scandalous materials safely locked away.

Those women in the photos have themselves to blame as well - I don't see why Eddie should take the brunt of the fall. They were willing participants. Very willing in fact, judging from the enthusiastic poses and, urm, licking. As big stars with a lot to lose and money-spinning careers at stake, they should have erred on the side of caution.

This also brings up the question of hypocrisy and celebrities fulfilling their "duties" as role models for the young. These stars are after all human, and like most people out there, would have a sex life too. Can they not be wild in bed in private, but keep a proper and clean public image?

At the end of the day, the one person I feel sorry for in this mess? Nicholas Tse. To find that your wife cheated on you with your good buddy must be devastating to say the least.


The writer is a Star Blogger with Stomp, The Straits Times' social networking and citizen media website. This blog first appeared in Stomp. Go to www.stomp.com.sg to read Stomp's Star Bloggers' thoughts on the Edison Chen scandal.

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