Mon, Feb 23, 2009
The Nation/Asia News Network
Severed foreigner's head found hanging from a bridge

THAILAND - The head of a man, believed to be a foreigner in his 40s, was found hanging from a rope at Rama IX Bridge in Phra Nakhon district yesterday.

The head was apparently put in a plastic bag and hung from the bridge's railing.

When it was found at about 2pm, the plastic bag was detached from the head, revealing a gruesome sight. A doctor estimated the victim had been dead for at least eight hours.

Two sentences, "I want but I cannot... " and "I came to Bangkok to be you" were found written on the railing, said police chief Colonel Chavalit Prasobsilp.

He will wait for autopsy results before concluding how the head was severed from the body.

"We will check the security cameras at the bridge and see if anything related to the incident was captured," he said.

The media was requested to publish clear pictures of the victim's face to help police identify him.

"We need to urgently know who the victim was," he said.

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