'Laundering money' thrives
Thu, Feb 04, 2010

TAIPEI (AFP) - A CREATIVE Taiwanese businessman has come up with a new service catering to consumers ahead of the upcoming Lunar New Year - washing dirty bank notes so they can be used as holiday gifts.

Yu Guan-cheng asks NT$300 (S$13.30) for washing 20 bank notes, soaking them in chemicals, rinsing with water and hanging them out to dry, the local TVBS news channel reported.

'Some people think I'm crazy to offer this service and wonder who would want to have their money washed,' he told TVBS, adding that he has new customers coming daily.

According to Chinese customs, grandparents and parents usually give 'red envelopes' stuffed with clean and fresh bank notes to children for good luck in the upcoming year.

The Lunar New Year falls on February 14 this year.






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  'Laundering money' thrives
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