China growth a 'bad thing' says international poll
Fri, Jun 18, 2010

WASHINGTON - China's growing economic and military clout is a matter of concern in the United States and its allies including Japan and France, according to a recently released Pew Research Center poll.

China's emerging military power was considered a "bad thing" by 88 percent of survey takers in Japan, 87 percent in France, 86 percent ion South Korea, 79 percent in the United States and 72 percent in Germany, the poll found.

China's economic growth worried the French most (67 percent), followed by the Germans (58 percent), Americans (47 percent) and British (42 percent). But in Japan, which has invested heavily in China, it was seen as a good thing by a 61-29 percent margin.

In Africa, where China has been investing heavily lately, the Chinese economic miracle appears to fascinate people; 90 percent of survey takers in Kenya and Nigeria saw it in a positive light.

From a strategic viewpoint, Indians are most skittish about China with 44 percent considering it an enemy, while in neighboring Pakistan and in Kenya the Asian giant is seen "more of a partner" by 84 percent of poll takers.

US opinion is split on the matter: 25 consider China a partner, 17 percent an enemy.

The poll was conducted April 7-May 8 among more than 24,000 people around the world.




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