16 arrested for smoking in public
Sun, Oct 03, 2010
The Brunei Times/ANN

SIXTEEN offenders have been fined on Wednesday for violating the 2005 Tobacco Order that dictates smoking in public is illegal.

In efforts to enforce further action under the tobacco order, the Tobacco Control Unit from the Ministry of Health, this week has conducted monitoring of public spaces.

The results saw16 first time offenders fined $150 for lighting up in places that are forbidden under Chapter 14 of the order.

Areas where smoking is prohibited under the Tobacco Order include convenient stores, shopping malls, wet and dry markets, bus stations or stops, restaurants, eating places, government buildings and the five-foot immediate vicinity of those areas.

The Ministry of Health wishes to remind the public of past warnings whereby anyone found smoking in the prohibited areas will be liable to a fine of $150 for a first offence, $300 for a second offence and for all subsequent offences the offender will be brought to court and fined up to $1,000 if convicted.

As of June 20, this year a total of 107 people have been caught smoking in public. Two months later, another 15 underage smokers were caught.A first offence by underage smokers will see them enlisted into counselling programmes at smoking cessation clinics for six months, and only after further violations will a fine be issued.The Brunei Times





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