Tue, Feb 22, 2011
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Woman killed by Yala bomb

Another car bomb thought to have been set off by insurgents killed a woman and injured 12 others in a busy area in Yala's Muang district yesterday. The bomb also caused considerable damage to property.

The home-made device was hidden near a food shop and set off as a police pickup truck drove past at around 4.30pm.

The blast, detonated remotely via unspecified communication signals, killed a woman bystander instantly, while police in the passing vehicle were injured. A police cruiser caught on fire along with motorcycles parked nearby.

Meanwhile, the chief of police in the deep South said there were links between the people behind two major car bombs in the past two weeks in Yala and Narathiwat.

"The way the vehicles used in both attacks were stolen and later installed with explosives, with the use of fake licence plates and similar windshield registration papers, plus evidence police obtained, indicates links between those behind both car bomb attacks," Pol Lt General Phaithoon Choochaiya said.

Police in both provinces and Pattani were probing the bombs and other terror attacks while continuing to try to prevent further attacks.

In a speech yesterday to welcome 124 new senior officers transferred to the deep South, the general called on police and civil defence volunteers "not to act in violation of law". But he did not elaborate on what that meant.

In Narathiwat, insurgents shot dead two people in two separate incidents. At 7.50am, a man was shot dead in Tak Bai district by two assailants on a motorcycle. Grocery store owner Withoon Seedam was hit with one round from an M-16 assault rifle. He was pronounced dead later at a hospital.

At 9am, Abu Bakree was shot by two men on a motorcycle in while walking in Joh I Rong district. The gunmen fired four shots at him from a handgun before fleeing. Police said both murders were related to the insurgency.

-The Nation/Asia News Network

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