Taiwan's first lady teaches Chinese class in US

Taiwanese first lady Christine Chow yesterday played substitute teacher for a second-grade class at Murray Hill Chinese School in New Jersey, reading Chinese folktales to the students. Chow's two daughters also acted as classroom assistants, handing out books and props to students in the class. Chow was said to be very friendly to the students, according to one of the parents in the class. She also recalled that the first lady showed great enthusiasm when reading stories and popping out questions from time to time to interact with the children. "It was a very successful Chinese class," said the parent.

The children, in return, drew a picture of the school campus with each student signing their Chinese name on the picture to thank "Auntie Chow." The First Lady also gave ten sets of Chinese storybooks to the school, encouraging children to study the language.

Students and parents from other classes rushed outside the hallway to meet Chow in person as the class ended. The first lady had a hard time exiting the school building after class, as a short walk to the school gate turned into a thirty-minute "mini tour" of signing autographs and taking pictures with the excited parents and students.

Chow's visit to the Chinese school is part of a two-day tour to attend a performance of the Taipei Philharmonic Chamber Choir at Carnegie Hall on Mar. 6. Chow will return to Taiwan after the choral performance.

-The China Post/Asia News Network