Suspected UFO video creates sensation on YouTube

A short video clip which contains mysterious lights has sparked debate over whether the lights were from an alien spacecraft or not.

Three mysterious red dots appeared in the middle of the night over the sky in Lafayette, Colorado last week and hovered in the air before disappearing.

Lafayette residents Leroy Van der Vegt and his son Nick filmed the scene and posted it on YouTube.

"It was completely quiet. No noise at all," Van der Vegt said.

"I have never witnessed anything like that," said Lester Valdez, another witness.

Although the scene was strange, Van der Vegt didn't think it was an alien object, and evidence suggests the red dots are not of extraterrestrial origin.

For one, that the lights were moving independently and just floating in the sky suggests that the lights were not fixed on an object nor powered by an aircraft, be it man-made or alien.

A report said that they could have been road flares fixed to balloons. If so, it would not be the first time this has confused onlookers: said that similar sightings over Phoenix in 2008 and New Jersey in 2010 turned out to be of man-made origin.

-The Korea Herald/Asia News Network