Tourists, residents flee Pangandaran after quake

A magnitude-7.1 earthquake that rocked Cilacap regency in Central Java on Monday morning was also felt by visitors at Pangandaran Beach, Ciamis, sending them fleeing from hotel rooms in search of higher ground.

"Residents and tourists scrambled from the beach area. They looked panicked," A tourism official in charge of the management of the beach, Asep Udel, said as quoted by

The quake struck at 3 a.m. Asep said tourists and residents living nearby, fearing that a tsunami would occur, scurried from their homes and hotels near the beach.

Pangandaran Beach was among locations hit by a tsunami in 2006.

Residents and visitors returned to beach area at around 7 a.m after it was confirmed that there was no danger of a tsunami.

-The Jakarta Post/Asia News Network