Imparsial urges the House to dimiss 'dirty-minded' Arifinto

Indonesian human rights watchdog Imparsial urged the House of Representatives to dismiss legislator Arifinto, who was caught by a photographer watching a porn clip on his tablet computer during a House plenary session on Thursday.

Imparsial executive director Poengky Indarti said that legislators who do not subscribe to teaching public morality do not belong in the House of Representatives.

"A representative for the people opens a porn site during a plenary session. We are disappointed. If he said it was because he was bored, okay, that's human. But [what he did] only showed that he merely had a dirty mind. We are disappointed with that kind of behavior from a legislator. He should be dismissed. A House member with such an immoral mind is undeserving," Poengky said, as quoted by

Arifinto's behavior, she added, would have negative consequences for society. She hoped the House Honorary Council would take firm measures against the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) politician.

"Firm measures were taken against Ariel," Poengky said, referring to a celebrity whose sex video scandal earned him three years and six months in prison. She said stern measures should be taken against "a representative of the people who obviously did this kind of thing when he should have been thinking about the fate of the people who are rejecting the planned new office building at the House complex."

Arifinto, who serves in the House's Commission V overseeing transportation affairs, claimed that he had received an email with a link that turned out to be a porn clip when he opened it.

The Media Indonesia photographer who caught him in action, Muhammad Irfan, said he had strong evidence that Arifinto selected the clip from an existing folder within his tablet computer.

-The Jakarta Post/Asia News Network