20kg giant frog caught

GEMENCHEH, NEGERI SEMBILAN, Malaysia - Do you believe that a giant frog weighing a whopping 20kg was spotted?

Showing an image of the gigantic creature taken with a cell phone camera, a Chinese man from Gemencheh claimed that the photo was taken a fortnight ago at a mountainous area in Gemencheh.

The frog was huge in size and tipped the scale at about 20kg, the normal weight of a seven or eight year-old child.

According to him, the enormous animal was captured by an Orang Asli by the riverside.

His friend was startled upon seeing the creature because previously, he had never seen a frog that big in his entire life.

The man added, his friend offered to buy the frog for RM500 (S$202.5) but the Orang Asli demanded RM1,000 instead.

As the friend was not having enough money with him at that time, he went home to get more money.

Orang Asli falls ill after eating giant frog

"When my friend returned to the Orang Asli's house with the money, he discovered that the giant frog had been slaughtered and eaten. It was also learnt that the Orang Asli fell ill after consuming the frog and until today, he is still bed-ridden and unable to move around," he said.

He added, the Orang Asli did not allow any photo-taking but his friend took a photo of the frog in secret.

The shocking image shows the animal with a pair of hind legs comparable to those of a seven or eight year-old child.