Taxi firms suspended for breaking the rules: Hanoi

HA NOI - Two of the capital's taxi firms have been suspended from operation as part of the on-going Ministry of Transport inspections.

Of four enterprises inspected thus, Mua Xuan Taxi of the Hung Hai Khue JSC and Phu Gia Taxi of the Phu Gia Transport Service Company were found operating without proper stations and management boards, according to Chief Inspector Nguyen Xuan Hao.

"Each company owned only four to five cabs while renting the remainder," he added.

The inspections have been carried out across Ha Noi and HCM City in efforts to regulate the taxi business.

According to statistics, authorities in Ha Noi have suspended six taxi enterprises from operation during the last three years while, since June, 3,000 taxis were fined for violations.

Not yet regulations for punishment

Hao said that despite rapid development, violations related to business licences and labour regulations remained a concern.

Popular Ha Noi Taxi, due to loose human resource management, was found to be operating without sufficient personal information related to their drivers while Thanh Nga Taxi had more than 700 drivers for only 622 registered cabs, an insufficient number in relation to the two drivers per cab requirements for round-the-clock service.

The inspector admitted that some violations were hard to punish due to a lack of legal framework.

Statistics have shown that 114 taxi enterprises, with around 16,000 registered cabs, were currently operating in the capital city.

Of these, 43 per cent had less than 50 registered cabs.

In comparison to 15,000 cabs owned by 31 taxi enterprises in HCM City, the capital's numbers appear relatively low.

"We plan to reorganise the taxi industry to meet modern standards and demand," Hao confirmed.