Indonesians survive Philippine storm

There are no Indonesians reportedly among the casualties of the Philippine storm that has killed 957 people in the southern Philippines, the government says.

The Indonesian Embassy in Manila said Tuesday that neither the embassy nor the Indonesian Consulate General in Davao had received reports of any Indonesians who might have died in the storm.

"We've found no Indonesian nationals who died in the disaster as of [Tuesday]," the embassy said in a press statement.

"However, a number of Indonesian families reported to have their houses damaged."

Quoting the Philippine national disaster risk reduction and management council's data as of Tuesday at 6 a.m., the embassy said there were 957 people who died, 1,582 who sustained injuries and 49 who went missing in a storm that destroyed 10,345 houses.

Meanwhile, there were 42,733 survivors being sheltered in 62 separate evacuation posts and 241,877 others outside the posts, it said.

The embassy said a number of consulate staff were heading to Cagayan de Oro to set up disaster relief posts for both Indonesian and Philippine nationals affected by the storm.

Cagayan de Oro, along with Iligan, is one of the two cities hit by the storm.

Based on instructions from the central government, the embassy also has offered a team of doctors and a search and rescue team to the Philippine government to help cope with the impact of the disaster, the embassy said.

In addition, the embassy said it had raised money and collected food supplies worth Rp 100 million (US$14,388) it would give to victims through the Philippine Red Cross and the Department of Foreign Affairs.