Teen looking for 'maidservant' recruits on microblog

A man who advertised for a maidservant for a 17-year-old on his micro blog claims he has already interviewed 30 girls for the position, Changjiang Daily reported on Tuesday.

Mr Huang Yufei, who says he is recruiting for a friend, stated on his Weibo that the successful applicant should wear a maid's uniform, live in the house, make tea, call him master, watch animation cartoons and be fluent in English.

The payment is over 3,000 yuan (S$611) with insurances and a housing allowance and additional bonuses will be given according to performance.

One of the applicants has already signed the contract so far.

Mr Huang, from Wuhan in Hubei province, said the boy is from a superior family and loves costume play, but refuses to reveal the boy's details.

Mr Huang stressed the service has no relation to sex and affirmed that will be clearly written in the contract.

Mr Huang, who owns three maid-themed chain video arcades in Hangzhou, Shenzhou and Wuhan, denies the recruitment is a promotion for his arcades but admitted he would invite the failed applicants to work in his arcades.