Was exam taken too lightly?

University examinations are carried out in a professional manner, said the National University of Singapore (NUS).

But some students and teaching staff members are saying that guidelines can be tweaked, especially for mid-year assessments.

An NUS spokesman said: "(NUS) has in place strict guidelines to ensure that examination processes are conducted with care and attention.

"All faculties and schools are expected to adhere closely to these guidelines."

While some students and teaching staff members said that they agreed with the University's position, they also said that things were more lax during the mid-year exam.

The New Paper reported on Tuesday that the mid-year exam for the NUS Business School's Managerial Economics module may have been compromised.

The module's mid-year exam was supposed to carry 30 per cent weightage of the final grade, while the end-of-semester exam accounts for 40 per cent of the total score.

But because the mid-year exam was cancelled, assignments and presentations, which were to carry 15 per cent each of the final grade, will now be worth 25 per cent each. The final exam will be scored at 50 per cent instead of the original 40 per cent.

The exam was cancelled on the spot after it was discovered that there was a shortfall of 200 scripts, and it could not proceed because some students had allegedly taken scripts that had already been distributed, out of the Hall.

Said the NUS spokeman: "The university is very concerned that such an error had occurred and is working closely with our NUS Business School to conduct a detailed investigation into this matter.

"Our initial findings indicate that there is no evidence of theft, and that human error was the most likely cause for this regrettable incident."

This begs the question: How thorough was the university in conducting this exam?

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