Singaporeans aware of AIDS prevention
Thu, Oct 16, 2008

A national survey on AIDS awareness in 2007, showed that awareness and knowledge about AIDS is relatively high among Singaporeans. In comparison, people were not as accepting towards people living with AIDS.

The Health Promotion Board (HPB) say they will develop strategies and programmes that promote protective measures against HIV infection and correct misconceptions about HIV/AIDS based on the results.

The NBSS on HIV/AIDS surveyed 1,768 respondents aged 18-69 years on their knowledge of HIV prevention, namely, the ABCs - Abstaining from casual sex, Being faithful to one uninfected sexual partner, and correct and consistent Condom use during sexual intercourse. Among the respondents, 80.4% were aware of at least two ways to prevent HIV, and 36.6% were aware of all three ways.

More details to come.


  Singaporeans aware of AIDS prevention
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