Kurt Tay wants biggest breasts ever for Singapore

Singaporean media star Kurt Tay, who gained notoriety after busting out RM10,000 (S$4,000) on breast implants, has announced he's given up his quest to find a wife the old-fashioned way and will now just order a bride through the mail.

Posting on Facebook Friday, the 27-year-old pop star wannabe said that he's done with Singaporean single ladies, after courting over a thousand of them with no luck. So he's going to buy an 18-year-old Vietnamese girl to be his missus-and he's given himself a deadline: Chinese New Year, January 2014.

He said the reason for rushing the wedding was to salvage his relationship with his mum, who was devastated when she read about his boob job in the papers. He also said that bringing a daughter-in-law into the family would ward off evil relatives from harassing his mum about his jugs.

Posting several pictures of girls he fancies could be the next Mrs Kurt Tay, he admitted that she would be his first real girlfriend. He added that once she sees how ordinary he is, they could go to Bangkok together and get even bigger knockers for themselves.

Happy but not fully satisfied with his new C-Cup tits, Kurt added he wants his bosom to be pumped up to all the way to a G-Cup. The augmentation, he said, would be for Singapore's glory because he wants to submit himself into the Guinness Book of World Records as the man with the biggest boobs ever.

Meanwhile, Kurt announced in earlier posts this week that he and his mum were seeking professional help together. After three sessions so far, he said his mum was finally talking to him again, although she still insists that he dress less conspicuously and not wear tight t-shirts out in public

He said that during therapy, he tried to explain to his mum the difference between a transvestite, a transsexual and a man who simply likes having a set of hooters on himself. He also tried to convince her that he would not go for a sex change because he does want to be a dad himself.

In his posting on Monday, he wrote: "Ah Gua & Men with Boobs r 2 different things! Ah Gua means go outside dress like women, wear heels, walk like women. Men with boobs r just men with breast, wearing man attire. D only difference is Men with boobs got breast. Just cause u got boobs means u Ah Gua? So fat man got boobs also call Ah Gua? Its unfair 2 say this!"

Kurt also told his shrink that he had always wanted to have breasts, even as a child, because he associated them with confidence and power.

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