SPH newspapers take the lead in trade magazine survey

SINGAPORE - Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (SPH) has once again proven that it is the undisputed leader in print media with its publications - The Straits Times, The New Paper, My Paper, The Business Times and Chinese daily Lianhe Zaobao - taking up five of the top six rankings in this year's Newspaper of the Year survey by trade magazine Marketing.

The Straits Times was ranked tops in the survey, a position it also held last year. SPH's English flagship newspaper remained the top choice for marketers targeting middle to high-income earners, car buyers, property buyers, fashion and luxury product buyers, frequent travellers, consumer electronics buyers and corporate IT managers.

Taking second place was The New Paper. Launched in 1988, it was also the top choice for marketers who wanted to reach out to boys and girls between 13 and 17 years of age.

Bilingual freesheet My Paper, first launched in 2006, was popular among marketers targeting female readers across all age groups and sectors.

The Business Times, SPH's financial daily, was the preferred newspaper for marketers targeting top-income earners, CEOs, managing directors, CFOs and accountants. It was also popular with marketers targeting corporate IT managers, as well as female and male fashion and luxury product buyers.

Lianhe Zaobao was the preferred newspaper for marketers targeting insurance and investment buyers and female fashion and luxury product buyers.

The Newspaper of the Year survey aimed to document the newspapers preferred by agencies and client marketers in Singapore. 78 per cent of client-advertiser respondents were manager level decision-makers and above with nearly a quarter from the most senior ranks. Advertisers from major banks, FMCG companies, property developers, IT and telecommunications firms, government, travel and tourism participated in the survey. Agency professionals across the marketing services spectrum were also well represented.

The top six newspapers in Singapore, as determined by marketers surveyed by Marketing Magazine, were:

1. The Straits Times
2. The New Paper
4. My Paper
5. The Business Times
6. Lianhe Zaobao

Mr Alan Chan, Chief Executive Officer of SPH, said: "SPH is proud that advertisers, marketers as well as agencies have great confidence in our newspaper titles. We have constantly revamped and rejuvenated our products to deliver value to our readers and advertisers. To show our commitment in our core print business, we will continue to enhance our print products with innovations and improvements."