Enter the Dragon

Occupying the fifth position in the Chinese zodiac, the Dragon is one of the most prominent, if not the mightiest animal sign that was once the esteemed symbol of Chinese emperors.

Today, it is deeply entrenched in Chinese tradition as a symbol of power and good fortune, making it a revered sign to wear or carry in the forthcoming Year of the Water Dragon. Luxury brands nod to the hungry appetite of their Asian market this festive season by creating limited-edition collections bearing the auspicious dragon on handbags, small leather goods, apparel and accessories.


Aptly called the "Year of the Dragon" Limited Edition Jewel Handbag, the Italian luxury brand designed a collector's piece that is limited to 210 pieces worldwide and available exclusively in Asia, including their flagship store here at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur.

The ladylike structured bag with brushed gold handle draws its inspiration from the opulence of Imperial China, featuring golden dragons of pomp and grandeur scattered on a pitch black body that are vivaciously matched by a gold dragon head tassel perched on a string of pendants and gems lining the handle.

The gold dragon print is a harmonious blend of Versace's classic baroque style and Chinese embroidery, and given a signature Versace finish with a mix of European baroque gold leaf print.

For more luxury, this Limited Edition Jewel Handbag also comes in exotic Chinese Red python skin limited to only 60 pieces worldwide.

Both designs come with an inner golden plate engraved with "Year of Dragon 2012 Limited Edition" and sequence number.

Boss Black

The German luxury menswear brand celebrates the Year of the Dragon with an exclusive collection for Asia only (including their stores in Kuala Lumpur), featuring subtle dragon imagery imprinted or embossed on a series of brown leather bags, small leather goods and accessories as well as apparels like long-sleeved T-shirts and jeans.

The feisty five-clawed dragon coils up on the side of messenger bags, totes and belt while an embroidery of the same on the back pocket of denim jeans keeps the men's staple festive in a subtle way.


American accessories brand Coach gets arty with the auspicious dragon on its exclusive collection by collaborating with Chinese artist Zhang Lan.

Widely known in China as a pioneer in tattoo and street art design, Lan puts his stamp on the collection with a custom Chinese dragon illustration in the traditional style of ink painting. The gold-dust dragon appears like a tattoo on Coach's monogram on its iconic tote bag as well as an assortment of small leather goods, such as passport case, travel wallet and travel organiser.