Legoland Malaysia attempting to build longest Lego snake for CNY

NUSAJAYA - Legoland Malaysia theme park is attempting to build the longest Lego snake in the world, measuring more than 300 metres long, in conjunction with the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Once completed, approximately one million Lego bricks would be used to make the snake, trailing from the theme park's entrance to the Lego Miniland area.

The theme park's general manager Siegfried Boerst said that the snake's head has been built in advance and the rest of the snake's tail would be put together with the help of the theme park's visitors.

"Over a span of 10 days starting from Chinese New Year Eve, visitors are encouraged to participate in putting together sections of the snake's body and then connecting the sections to the Lego snake," he said in a press conference at the theme park here Thursday.

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